The Twelve Days of Christmas


This was a bit of a challenge for me as I'm not that confident in my ability to draw human figures! It seems to have worked out OK though...

The French Hens took a bit of thought - how do you make a chicken look French without resorting to berets, baguettes and bottles of Beaujolais (all of which have been done before)? Then it occured to me that a simple tricolour sash would do the trick.

I have been asked why the hand is lacking a thumb ring. My answer is that the ring finger deserves two.

Is the goose laying a golden egg embarrassed or just surprised?

The dancing Ladies are poised and elegant. No two have the same combination of hair colour and dress colour. I was going to have the Lords leaping with equal grace and precision, and then I thought "No - these are supposedly dignified Lords doing something completely out of character". So anarchy won this time. By the way, they are all half Tory and half Labour in various combinations.

The pipers each have their own tartan on their cap, pipes and kilt. I created the first and last tartans and the computer software generated the other 9. The drummers are definitely a reference to a certain 1970s glam-rock band...

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