The House that Jack Built


My edition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" got a good response, so I thought I'd have a go at another traditional rhyme.

All the illustrations are shown below, but I've left out all but the last of the pages with just text on them. Let's face it, you can probably work out how it goes.

Jack himself has very little to do with the story (in some versions it is assumed that he owns and lives in the House). The first page explains who he might be, and why he doesn't actually appear in any of the pictures. He certainly is a Jack-of-all-trades...

Each new character is introduced in silhouette before their own verse. I did this mostly for fun, but also as a reference to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark!" which of course is where I started.

I haven't changed any of the traditional words. Yes, the rat snuffs it, the dog gets head-butted by the cow (but recovers), it's a priest rather than a preacher, and a cock rather than a cockerel or rooster. If you don't like it, cross out the offending words. But I hope you do like it...

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